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The Corona (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a global economic crisis as a result of its containment measures, mostly lockdown which brought world economies on halt.

The lockdowns meant that factories and private companies cease most economic activities. Therefore, incomes for both people and companies were reduced in sectors of the economy including the health, manufacturing, retail, trade, transport, tourism, entertainment, education, and many others. Countries have imposed several disruptive restrictions on exports and banned travel, thus affecting negatively global supply chains and local manufacturing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, companies have laid off employees due to inactivity, and others are thinking of digitizing.

The post COVID-19 economic outlook is leading all of us to the new normal. Some employees sent home may not return back to work, some departments might keep working in remote mode. Things will not be business as usual. Therefore, businesses have to prepare for the new normal if they are to withstand the storms.

Beyond Corona TV

BeyondCorona is an informative and educative live television series that brings together industry specific players and experts to discuss on post- COVID-19 recovery strategies, in relation to the 5R horizons, (Resolve, Resilience, Return, Re-imagination, and Reform)

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