While PR has become more integrated, media relations is still a critically important element of our work, and we have the strongest relationships in the business. 

MAGUIRE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL has a senior team of media strategists who maintain top-tier relationships and coach all of our teams to develop smart strategies in a changing media landscape. Importantly, our teams are always reading, watching, questioning and thinking. We know the best idea may not be planned, but, rather, in response to the news of the day. Success requires a nimble, always-on, proactive mind-set.


Media, PR & Communications Services

Innovation. Targeted. Real Value.

Launches, seminars, presentations, workshops, networking events, all have one thing in common. Without strategic media PR and communications services, no one will know about them, and few will attend. Sell out every event. Get full media coverage. We’ll make sure the people who need to know, know.