We are living in unprecedented times: a world with tremendous uncertainty where the only constant is a pace of change that is both staggering and accelerating. Life today is fast, interconnected, loud and bewildering and on top of all that there is Covid- 19! 

Our role is to clear the clouds of confusion. While we adapt to change, our aims remain the same. We pinpoint risks, mitigate challenges, identify opportunities and help our clients influence opinion and navigate the global maze.

Successful public affairs is both quick thinking and forward thinking. It must be agile to adapt to crises, yet also farsighted to anticipate the next trends. It must work with a restless media rather than against it.

We can use all of this to our advantage to drive the kind of change we collectively seek.

MAGUIRE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL offers unmatched global support in advocacy, public affairs communications, media relations and grassroots engagement. We cover every aspect of public policy at global and national levels.

Our experts have worked directly with policymakers from inside and outside numerous governments around the world. We know the players, the power centres, and the right messages to convey to the right audiences.

We understand policy and stakeholder environments and have built credibility and trust with governments and institutions.

With a worldwide team of dedicated strategic advisors, we utilize our global relationships and local presence to fully achieve our clients’ objectives in an ever-changing political landscape.

We base our approach on proven methodologies to gather intelligence on regulatory and policy developments, plan and activate comprehensive engagement with stakeholders and analyse decision making processes to reveal opportunities to engage, deliver effective messages and measure their impact.

We understand the role of reputation as an important driver to influence decision makers, and we reflect this knowledge within each of our strategies. We design our strategies and campaigns to reflect the changing expectations of stakeholders – for greater transparency, frequency of communications, and levels of engagement with decision makers and influencers.

MAGUIRE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL knows how to harness the forces shaping your world to your advantage.